Choosing a Theme


The L’elle template includes three themes that you can activate to get the right look and feel that matches your own brand. The themes you can choose from are the Dark, Light and Unique themes.

  • Dark theme gives you that sexy nightlife feeling with modern Paris highlights on the background
  • Light theme, a playful, luscious yet professional environment to communicate your business
  • Unique theme: want your content to look clean yet have an highly sophisticated feel that none of your competitors have? Go Unique!

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Changing the Google Maps location

To change the location of the Google Maps widget, find the file ‘assets/js/lelle_main.js‘ and find the javascript function updateMap() (arround line 403). There you can change the location of the maps widget. By default there are two address entries, one included in the array for clickable markers (including custom HTML to show in its tooltip) and the address that Google Maps will zoom in on when loading the widget.

To change it to Paris, with a tooltip at the Notre Dame, the code would look be as follows:

function updateMap($ele) {
      maptype : G_PHYSICAL_MAP,
      markers : [{
         address : "6 Parvis Notre-Dame - place Jean-Paul-II 75004 Paris, France",
         html : "This is Notre Dame de Paris!"
      address : "Paris, France",
      zoom : 13

For more information on how to customize a Google Maps widget, please visit the gMap plugin for jQuery documentation.

Footer: Changing ‘Twitter Follow’

Twitter Follow is a widget which allows you to let your visitors follow whatever account you want. Keep your visitors close wherever they go and on whatever device!

Ofcourse, it depends on the presentation of your content what your visitors will think what account is behind it: is it to follow site’s updates? A publisher’s journals? Or a Game developers blog tracker?

Whatever kind of Twitter account you choose to use, here’s how to make the changes.

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